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Data point installation

All properties that utilise technology will need to access to data points. Not only do properties need to make sure they have sufficient number of data points, but they need to be in a good location. We provide expert residential, commercial, and industrial new data point installations across Brisbane. Our team of skilled electricians will ensure you have all the necessary data points installed into the most convenient places in your property.

We ensure that your property has the correct amount of data points and that they are safely located in the exact spots you want them to be. We can add existing points in every room in your home or business all backed by top quality cabling and wall plating.

Whether you are building new, renovating, or simply just need a new data point in an existing home, we are one of Brisbane's leading data point installers. For all things data and communications in Brisbane, give our friendly team at Bold Electrical Group a call for advice and a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add data points to an existing home?

Yes. We can add data points to any property no matter whether you are in an established home or building new. While it is most ideal to get them installed during a new build or renovation, sometimes established property's need a new data point installed too. We can work with your property to install your new data point into the location of your choice.

What's the best place to get a new data point installed?

The best place for data points is in rooms such as an office or workspace where your computer is used most. We can help you install your new data points into any location of your choice.

Do you install underground cabling?

No, our specialty is in any installation north of the router. This means we don't provide underground cabling services or anything external as such.

Do you focus on residential, commercial, or industrial?

We provide data point installation across all facets of properties including residential homes, commercial businesses, and industrial buildings such as warehouses and sheds.

Do you install tv Antennas?

No, we do not install TV Antennas. Our main focus is on data point installations for internet and phone purposes.

How simple is the process for me?

Our process is made very simple for you! Just give us a call and we will chat with you about your new installation as well as give you a quote. We listen to your needs and give any recommendations if needed. We then come out to you and install your new data point at a time that works best for you!

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